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When getting your house ready for the market, there are a few things to think about.  Decluttering and cleaning are a must, but what else? Consider getting a home inspection and tackling any issues that come up. The buyer will get their own inspection, but you will be ahead of the game. And when buyers see you have had an inspection and made repairs, that will instill confidence in you.  When the time comes for negotiating your contract, you'll have a better idea about your bottom line and hopefully no surprise expenses. Also get your paperwork in order..warranties, your old closing documents, surveys etc. Lastly, talk to me before replacing carpet or painting!

Decluttering and cleaning are a must.

Consider getting a home inspection and tackling any issues that come up.

Get your paperwork in order: warranties, old closing documents, surveys, etc.

Lastly, talk to us before replacing carpet or may not have to depending on the market.


There are many things to think about when buying a house. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of matters to consider when buying a property. It's pretty scary, but I would be happy to guide you through the issues that would impact your decision to purchase. It was compiled by one of my favorite real estate teachers in our area. Don't freak out.


Surveys can seem like an optional service when buying a property. I highly recommend you get one, no matter what you think. 

Other Important Information

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