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Buyers and Sellers Agency in North Carolina

Who Represents Who?

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission mandates that upon first significant meeting with a customer (you) that we disclose how agency works. I will ask you to sign this disclosure either in person or by e-signing. IT IS NOT A CONTRACT! Your signature simply acknowledges receipt of the disclosure. Click the buttons below to see the disclosures. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Talk to a Lender

If you are wanting to buy a house or land, go talk to your bank, someone else's bank or a mortgage broker. I can give you some referrals and then YOU do your due diligence. Word of advice: I recommend buying something that you can afford on a single income. Although lenders will take your partner's income into consideration, BE WISE. People lose jobs, get pregnant, sick, divorce or die...not necessarily in that order. Make sure that one of you can keep the boat afloat. Before contacting a real estate professional, it is always best to contact a lender...if of course, you need one. When you contact a lender, you will need to be pre-qualified for a loan. The lender will check your credit! I always recommend talking to several lenders to see what programs and terms best fit your situation. HOWEVER, do NOT have every lender pull your credit. It is unnecessary and will show up on your credit reports every time there is an inquiry.

Pick an Agent

Google whoever you plan to work with. Look at their background and experience: NC Real Estate Commission. Interview your agent, preferably in person. Look to see if they are listening and communicating with you effectively. The relationship with your agent can get personal. Buying or selling a property is generally predicated on big life changes. Emotions can run high. You want an agent that can stay calm and focused throughout the transaction. Look for an agent that responds to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Testimonials are important too.  Anyone with a computer can put your property on the internet. If priced appropriately, it will sell without a degree in marketing (although I have one and that's cool, too.) Where your agent shines is writing a good contract, knowing what to look out for, giving you sound advice, setting your expectations of the process (even when it hurts) and getting to closing. There is a lot more to being a real estate agent than unlocking doors. Service is everything and seeing the big picture is something I'm good at.

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