When you are ready to downsize,

call a Senior Real Estate Specialist



Not sure what to do? Let's talk about the issues surrounding a move and whether or not this is the right time. We'll look at the market, talk about finances and any physical barriers to staying or not staying in your home. I have many resources to help.

Planning Your Move

Once you've decided you are ready to fly the coop, I can help plan the timing and logistics of preparing you and the property for the market.

References on Senior Moving Companies and Downsizers

I can help with references for senior moving experts. These companies understand the emotions around moving from a home you've lived in for decades. It can be overwhelming to sort and prioritize your possessions. Let someone help you.

Seller To-Do List

When getting your house ready for the market, there are a few things to think about.

Decluttering and cleaning are a must.

Consider getting a home inspection and tackling any issues that come up.

Get your paperwork in order: warranties, old closing documents, surveys, etc.

Listing Property for Sale

Let me guide you through the process.If you haven't sold property in a while, I can help explain the market and all the required documents. My real estate license is with Fathom Realty and all real estate transactions will go through Fathom.

Lastly, talk to us before replacing carpet or painting...you may not have to depending on the market.

There are few senior apartment complexes in Chatham County, but will post what is available.

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Melanie Girard 919-444-5374.jpg